How to Put On

Putting a corset on is much easier with someone else helping you, but it is possible to put your corset on by yourself. Lacing yourself up into your corset is not so difficult and with practice, you will get better and quicker at doing it.

Let’s see step by step how to do it without any help!

1) Before you put on your corset, loosen the laces. Usually you will have 20 cm or more of loose lacing. It is very important to lose the laces in order to put it on comfortably. If you don’t lose your corset enough you cannot wrap yourself easy. Maybe you should drag it heavily while trying to clip the busk and this may cause damages of the busk.

2) Wrap it around yourself. Don’t forget that steel boned corsets have suspender loops at the bottom inside part of the corset. Sometimes it may happen that a corset is put on upside down. So find the suspender loops first to get the right orientation. Mind the modesty panel to put it on your back without any crease.

3) Making sure that your corset is fitting in the right places. Carefully line up the two sides of the busk on the front of the corset. Line up the pins and the holes and clip the busk together starting from top to bottom.

4) Make sure the corset isn't pinching anywhere and that it's resting comfortably on your figure. You might have to shift it around slightly to adjust it.

5) Now, position yourself in front of a mirror semi sideways so that you can see your back and what you are doing relatively easily. Pull both “bunny ears” at the waist to tighten the corset a bit. "Bunny ears" are the long lace parts at the waist. Then starting from the top, hook your thumb onto the top set of criss-crossed laces and pull the laces slowly and evenly a little bit tighter. Do not let go until you start to pull the next set of laces. With your other thumb, hook it onto the second set of laces from the top and pull. Now continue doing this with each set of laces working your way down to your waist where the "bunny ears" are. Don't forget to set the modesty panel if it's creased!

6) To get out any remaining slack in the top rows of laces, pull the TOP part of the „bunny ears” evenly and slowly.

7) Next, go to the bottom of the lacing and pull the laces tighter there. Again, work the loose loops of lacing up through the corset to the “bunny ears” in the middle.

8) When you reach the waist, to remove any excess slack from the bottom rows of lacing, pull the BOTTOM half of the "bunny ears" and the pull both loops together all the way to nip in the waist and to remove any remaining looseness in the lacing.

9) After a few repeats of the tightening the top and the bottom part of the laces you will find the corset has reached a comfortable point, like being hugged tightly. Please do not be tempted to make the sides of the lacing meet over your spine - always leave a small gap. A corset fits you perfectly when there is a 4-8 cm gap at the back.

10) Try to keep the sides of the corset roughly parallel. When you are finished lacing the sides should both be vertical with all the lacing connections of equal length.

11) Tie off the loose lacing on the back of your corset. Always tie a bow never a knot! Knot is dangerous because it may happen that you cannot loose it. In this case you are unable to take off the corset.
You have a few options of how to tie a bow. Usually a large bow looks good and this is the simplest solution. If you are wearing the corset out socially then you should tie a double bow.  Some people prefer to wrap the loose lacing around their waist once before tying it off at the back. This will make it possible to tie a smaller bow to secure the lacing. You may do this version when you wear your corset under a dress.

Now enjoy wearing your corset!


How to Take off a Corset

1) Untie the bow at your waist.

2) Loosen each row of lacing starting from the middle working your way up and then from your waist working your way down. If your laces are loose enough, unhooking your busk will be easy.
If not, loosen the laces a little more. Never unhook your busk without loosening your laces first! You might break your busk in doing so!

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