Waist Traning Corset Type

Corsets with spiral-steel boning are a special type of the classical corsets. Their framework consists of 24 spiral-steel bones, which make them capable of providing figure training and waist reduction. The spiral-steel bones are similar to flattened springs which are bendable not only back and forth but sideways as well, in this way they can perfectly follow the figure. Besides being flexible, they have strong spiral stiffening, so they can be laced very tightly. These corsets can provide remarkable waist reduction (more than 8-12 cm). That is why these corsets are designed to be enduring and could provide suitable support and figure training.
These corsets are made from 5 layers of material. The outside is from different good quality materials (satin, brocade, taffeta), the middle has a strengthening waist band, and the inside layer is made from 100% cotton. Between these layers there are additional two layers of material which ensure support and strengthening. The weight of these overbust, waist-training corsets also shows its "seriousness,” which is about 800 grams. You can wear these corsets for daily figure training, though you should give time for your body to get used to the corset and tighten the lace gradually.

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