How to Clean

Corsets are not necessarily garments that most people think to wash regularly. Unless you're wearing your corset very often, you don't need to wash it all the time.

Fully immersing a corset in water is not a good idea. Any metal fixtures, including the boning, grommets and the busk can be damaged by the water. The fabric layers itself also could become deformed.

As a general rule, fashion corsets aren’t as delicate as steel boned corsets so you can clean a fashion corset a little bit easier than a steel boned corset.

You can rinse sections of your fashion corset away from the boning and metal bits. Rinsing in lukewarm water will produce the best results but apply this kind of cleaning with care. Note, that steel boned corsets can’t be cleaned this way!

So let’s see the best tips for cleaning a fashion or a steel boned corset...

  • As a blanket statement beforehand: dry cleaning is the best option, if you can find a good dry cleaner. However, since that's not always possible so let’s go through the other possibilities…
  • If your corset become smelly the best first aid that hanging it to air out in a shaded area for some hours.
  • If your corset is dirty and fresh air doesn’t help than you should clean it.
  • As a general care after wearing we suggest you to do over the corset inner side with a wet washcloth and let it dry on a flat surface.

If it is dirty or it has stains on the outer fabric please apply the following steps:

  • We suggest hand washing with a wet washcloth. Use mild baby shampoo as detergent, mix it with lukewarm water and wet a washcloth with this mixture. Do over the corset inner and outer fabric and then repeat it with a clean wet cloth (without detergent).
  • If there is a stain on the corset than press in with the wet washcloth (with mild shampoo as detergent), do not rub in circles, and lift off. Repeat it again if it is necessary. Then press a clean wet cloth to „rinse” the spot.

Let your unfolded corset dry on a flat airy place. Never tumble dry your corset nor put it directly to sunlight!

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