Bridal Corsets - Useful tips for Brides

The following standpoints should be considered when you choose the style of your bridal corset:

1. It has to be comfortable

The bridal corset should have a good support and should be comfortable. On your "big day” you will have a lot to worry about so take care that your corset would not cause any unpleasant feelings. This is why I advise you to choose a fashion corset under bridal dress. It supports you under the dress, but it is thin and it does not show through it. Steel-boned corsets are recommended only for plus sizes (above 30’’), and in this case, only the underbust style.

2. Bustline

It is important to harmonize the top part of the corset and the dress. If your dress has a sweetheart bust, then is worthwhile to choose a matching corset. If the top part of your dress has a straight line, then you should select a corset which has a straight midbust line.

3. The Back

You should also match the back part of your dress and the corset, as it is not nice if the corset appears from under your dress. Consider that a steel-boned corset has a higher back side than fashion corsets.

4. Weather

If your wedding is in the summer, then a fashion corset would be recommended, because it will be cooler.

5. Corset Pattern

You can either choose an overbust or an underbust corset under your dress, but an underbust corset would be more comfortable, especially in summer. An underbust corset would be suitable if your aim is waist sculpting, and combined with a good bra will create a stunning feminine form. An underbust corset is cooler and it is easier to wear. Be careful not to lace the underbust corset to tightly, because it is possible that tissues (like little”cushions”) might swell up on your back. It might not be a problem if the material of your dress is thicker and supports your back, but you can also avoid this by choosing a longer style underbust corset.
If the top part of your dress does not support you well or you cannot wear a bra because of the straps, then you could also wear an overbust corset.

To sum it up, preferably you should choose a fashion corset under your bridal dress.
If your primary aim is waist reduction then you should chose a steel-boned, underbust corset which closed in the front so the busk will not be showing through the dress.
However, wearing an overbust bridal corset as the top part of the wedding dress with a skirt and crinoline could look stunning. You need to have a good dress maker who works together the overbust bridal corset and the skirt. In this case the corset will support you well, it will provide waist reduction, and you will not have as many layers of clothes on you.

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